THE Art Glass Windows

The Art Glass Windows were executed and installed by the American Art Glass Co. of Columbus, Ohio.  They represent a very careful and scientific selection of American Antique Glass, toned to give the effect of windows in the old Cathedrals of Europe, which have collected the dust of the centuries, obscuring the bright rays of sunlight.  The result is a soft, subdued, restful light, which contributes its important part in creating a worshipful atmosphere.  

The sanctuary contains two large figure windows on the north side.  They are the ever popular and interesting figures of "The Good Shepherd" and "Christ Standing at the Door."  Each of the other sanctuary windows contain an Emblem with various meanings.  

Westgate United Methodist Church

61 South Powell, Columbus, OH 43204


​In 1926 a need was felt for a new church on the Hilltop and the West Side of Columbus for the Evangelical people in that area. The Ohio Conference of the Evangelical Church in annual session in Columbus merged the congregations of St. Paul's and Franklin Heights Churches, with the name to be Westgate Park Evangelical Church.  Services were held in the Franklin Heights Church for 18 months.  This little white frame church was located on Sullivant Avenue west of Demorest - across from Derrer Road.  The former Big Bear store sits on the site where the church was located. 

The original plans to build in the Westgate Park area were discarded.  Under the direction of the Presiding Elder, the Rev. H.W. Summers, services were begun in a storeroom at 2836 West Broad Street on December 18, 1927, with 32 charter members. The Rev. R.A. Sain preached the first sermon.   This storefront church, as well as the present building, was located in the old Civil War Camp Chase area. 

At the Annual Conference of 1928 the name of the congregation, by request, was changed to Westgate Evangelical.  There have been two denominational mergers since that time;  and after the merger with the Methodist denomination, the name was changed to Westgate United Methodist Church. 

In 1928 three lots, located on South Powell Avenue on the second alley south of Broad Street, were puchased for $5,000.  Work on the parsonage was begun in June, and the house was completed and occupied by October 31, 1928.  Work on the church was started in September 1928 and completed in 1929, with dedication on October 20.  Cost of the parsonage and church was estimated to be $50,000.  The church, of early English Gothic architecture, was constructed so as to be enlarged at a later date, if necessary.  At dedication the church had a congregation of 54 and a Sunday School enrollment of 89.  A mortgage-burning ceremony was part of the service on October 24, 1948, the 19th anniversary of the church.

In 1954 a new extended basement was completed and dedicated.  In 1957 a beautiful, new air-conditioned sanctuary was built and dedicated on Easter Sunday, 1957. .  A new organ was dedicated May 17, 1959.  In the late 1970's a new parsonage was purchased at 3818 Quail Hollow Drive.   

During the period from 1983 through the 1986-87 school year, our members participated in the West High Ministry, providing to interested students a weekly free lunch, "mixing a hot meal with table tennis, short lessons in career opportunities or plain conversation."   On many occasions the congregation enjoyed the hand bell playing of our ladies, the Westgate Belles.